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15 Meals

15 meals meal plans for singles and couples

Hi lovely readers,

15 Meals is my new weekly meal planning system.

I’ve been meal planning on and off for years, and always have a more organised week when I (a) take the time to plan and (b) stick to the plan.  So I’m going to share my meal plans here to help you become more organised too.  Because sometimes all you need is an idea, to get you started.

Who is 15 meals for?

I designed the 15 Meals weekly meal planning system for people who are:

  • in too much of a rush on work mornings to eat breakfast at home
  • not bound to traditional meal patterns
  • prepared to take a practical approach to meal planning
  • happier taking home cooked or home-prepped food to work than buying takeout or home delivery
  • willing to put in a little effort on their days off work, to make their working week much happier
  • too disorganised and tired to spend hours in the kitchen after work, and
  • looking for ways to save time, money and energy on eating well.

About the plans

The meals in my plans are  so easy to prepare, you won’t need recipes for most of them.  If you do need help, just leave a comment  below the plan and I’ll get back to you asap.

As well as containing a 5 day meal menu, most of my plans include:

  • pre-prep and pre-cooking instructions
  • slow cooker meals that you can safely leave to cook themselves
  • meals that take less than 20 minutes hands-on work to prepare or have 5 or less ingredients, and
  • ideas on multi-tasking to cut down on your time in the kitchen.

I’ve called the program 15 meals, because that’s how many meals there are in each plan. #genius!

Click here for this week’s plan.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my world of smarter cooking!