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Vegetarian Pizza Collection

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Vegetarian pizzas

Here are 20 vegetarian pizzas that are so full of flavour your die-hard meat lovers won’t even miss their salami or ham.

You can substitute a frozen or off-the-shelf pizza base for made from scratch, or  use puff pastry sheets, baguettes or pita bread as the base. The recipes below include all those options.

And you can use a bought passata sauce, or pasta sauce instead of making your own pizza sauce.

Just a note – some of the sites I’ve linked to below are US based so use American terminology.  When American cooks refer to “marinara” sauce, they’re referring to the tomato-based sauce we put on pizzas.  It has nothing to do with seafood.

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Photograph Samat Jain | CCBYSA2.0


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  1. Hi Susan,
    this is a great blog, I’ll be checking it out more to be inspired to continue a healthy diet now that my vegetarian niece has left. I look forward to finding culinary inspiration on your page,
    Kerstin x