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Avocado toast with brie and mustard (Brie, avocado and mustard melts)

Avocado toast with brie and mustard

Avocado toast with brie and mustard

Thickly spread avocado on your choice of toasted bread,topped with brie and mustard and broiled to perfection. Gourmet, fast and real food that’s good for you.


Prep:5 mins | Cook:15 mins | Serves: 2


1 ripe avocado
60g brie cheese (about half a small round)
2 tablespoons of mild mustard
4 slices bread, of your choice
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste


Turn on oven grill element/broiler.
Cut avocado in half.
Slice brie into thin slices.
When grill /broiler is heated, place bread under and toast one side.
Turn bread over and grill/broil until other side is just beginning to toast.
Take bread out and spread lightly toasted side thinly with mustard.
Spread 1/4 avocado flesh onto each slice of bread – it will be thick, but that’s OK.
Cover all the bread with avocado, so it doesn’t burn when it goes back under the grill/broiler.
Season with salt, pepper or other seasonings to taste.
Arrange brie slices over avocado.
Put back under grill/broiler until brie is melting and has started to brown.
Serve at once, while hot.

Photograph:  Bergy