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Get your tiki on, it’s Mai Tai time!



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Aloha peeps and Happy Friday!

Today’s cocktail takes us back to the Tiki culture of the 1940s.

Both Victor Bergeron (the founder of Trader Vic’s restaurants) and Don Beach, also known as “Don the Beachcomber” lay claim to having invented the Mai Tai.  While we don’t know who mixed the first Mai Tai, we do know the drink  originated in one or the other of their Tiki bars during the 1940s and has remained popular ever since.

Food pairing?

Traditionally, Mai Tais are paired with a platter  of American Chinese cuisine or Hawaiian cuisine, which consists of an assortment of small meat and seafood appetizers.

A typical platter could include a spring roll, spare ribs, chicken wings, beef teriyaki, skewered beef, fried wontons, fried prawns and seafood wontons.  Martha Stewart adds duck, pineapple and mango to hers, or you could get inspiration from Flavorista’s modern day vegetarian platter.


Mai Tai


1 oz amber Martinique rum

1 oz dark Jamaican rum

1 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz orgeat syrup (or substitute with Amaretto)

1/2 oz of Cointreau

garnish with mint (a lime if you like)


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, except the garnish.

Shake and strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.

Garnish with fresh mint and a lime if you fancy that.

You can also float some dark rum on top of the cocktail.

Trader Vic’s recipe

Photograph by Mookieluv CCBYNCSA2.0