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Ploughman’s Lunch

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Ploughman’s Lunch

Top a buttered baguette or crusty roll with cheddar cheese, pickled onions and chutney and you have a traditional Ploughman’s Lunch.
When making your Ploughman’s Lunch, select your cheese first, and build the rest of the meal around it.

Add your favourite condiments, build up your sandwich with your choice of extras and you’ll have an quick, easy lunch that will carry you through to dinner.

Beer, bread, and cheese have been paired (so to speak) in the English diet since antiquity.

Piers Plowman’s Crede (c.1394) mentions the traditional ploughman’s meal of bread, cheese and beer, while the Oxford English Dictionary notes the first recorded use of the actual phrase “Ploughman’s Lunch” as occurring in 1837.

The concept was reinvigorated by a highly successful marketing campaign in the late 1950s designed to get Brits to eat more cheese in pubs, and the Ploughman’s Lunch is now an iconic British pub food.

It’s also an easy and quick meal to make at home or take to work.

The essentials
English cheddar cheese, or your cheddar of choice
Pickled onions and/or chutney
Crusty bread
Real butter

Salad greens
Ripe tomatoes
Hard-boiled free-range eggs
Slices of apple or pear
English blue cheese

Freshly ground pepper


Photograph by Andy CCBYNCSA2.0